Former Detroit police chief makes comment about brewing sex scandal in department

Warren Evans appears to be criticizing current police chief Ralph Godbee's 30-day suspension

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DETROIT - Former Detroit police chief Warren Evans has taken to Facebook to comment about the current police chief's alleged affair with a fellow police officer.

Evans posted this Tuesday:

"Maybe someone can help me with the Mayors mathematical equation and thought process: Single man openly dates single woman = forced resignation
Married man has affair with single woman=promotion to Chief
Married man has another affair with married woman=30 day suspension.
Married man has no clue about fighting crime or fiscal management
Single man reduces crime significantly and saves money."

In 2010, Evans resigned after it was revealed that he had an alleged affair with a subordinate officer -- Lt. Monique Patterson. At the time, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing had said Evans' ability to lead had been affected.

--Evans and Patterson

Evans was with the department for just over a year.

A female police officer and 17-year veteran, Angelica Robinson, says she had an affair with Godbee for months while he was still married. Godbee is in the process of a divorce. Robinson is married.

Godbee has been suspended for 30 days for an investigation.

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