Former Detroit postal worker faces double-dipping charges

Worker who left on disability found working at other job

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

DETROIT - A former U.S. Postal Worker in Detroit is expected to face charges of double-dipping, after federal agents found her illegally working at a new job.

Caprice Hughes worked for the postal service for six years.  During that time she filed a number of worker's compensation claims and was granted a leave from her job last year, when a right arm injury left her unable to lift anything heavier than five pounds.

She was paid nearly $30,000 a year in disability checks, with a requirement not to work at other jobs, as well as filing and signing legal paperwork in the process.

But federal agents found her working at a hair and nail salon in Oak Park. Agents visited the salon on several occasions, paying her for her work and hearing her speak at length about her work at the Postal Service.  They recorded the conversations and recorded video of her doing work, with no apparent problems with her right arm.

The agents also claim Hughes made and sold jewelry from the salon  They also noted her Facebook page, which welcomed customers to make appointments.

A conviction of worker's compensation fraud could lead to jail time.  Paperwork also filed by federal agents claim Hughes lied when she signed documents claiming not to be working another job or working for herself.  That could lead to more felony charges.

Federal agents expect to make an arrest later this week.

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