Former Michigan Militia member speaks out

Tina Mae Stone was among 9 Hutaree members charged with plotting to overthrow government

DETROIT - Tina Mae Stone was among nine Michigan militia members arrested and charged with conspiracy for plotting to overthrow the government.

But on Tuesday, the charges were dismissed on the grounds that there wasn't enough evidence in the case.

In an interview with Local 4, Stone described herself as "the girl next door."

For two years, prosecutors have painted a picture of Stone and her fellow Hutaree members as part of a seditious conspiracy.

Stone was in jail for 53 days before being let out on bond. She said she thought it was a joke when her lawyer, Michael Rataj, told her she had been cleared. But she also said she thought it was a joke when the charges were first announced against her.

"People are allowed to say hateful things. You know, people say vial things all the time," Rataj said.

But what about Stone's husband, David, making statements about killing police officers and striking to take back the nation?

"If he would have just started some of his stories with ‘Once upon a time,' we wouldn't be in this trouble," she said.

--David Stone Sr., a Hutaree leader

Stone said during a court recess she laid down the law to her husband.

"I told him there would be no more militia, there will be no more training videos, nothing like that. If you have a problem with somebody, then don't go out and broadcast it to everybody," she said.  

Meanwhile, Stone's son, David Jr., was at a federal court hearing Wednesday getting his tether removed after being cleared of charges.

"I'd like them to know that I'm not the man they tried to portray me as," he said. "I'm a good kid and I've never done anything wrong."




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