Four people killed on Detroit's east side

Victims shot to death execution style

DETROIT - "The girl who was standing right there next to that guy, she was 22-years-old.  I have a daughter that is the same age. That is just so sad," said Tyrone Nelson. 

Nelson lives across the street from where 4 people were shot to death inside a home on Detroit's east side. Police say it was 9:15 Tuesday night when 4 people - 3 men and one woman - were shot and killed inside a house at the corner of Tacoma and Brock . They had been shot execution-style. A woman found the bodies inside the house. She told police there had been a drug raid at the home earlier in the day. Detectives said they do not have any records of a raid.

Nelson knew the people living in the home and watched as four bodies were brought out. "They were all dead.  I saw them as they brought 'em out.  All dead."

Police questioned everyone up and down the street, including Nelson.  He said he was friendly, but steered clear from the area and had his grandkids stay away from the home and the people constantly coming and going all the time.

--Neighbors are concerned about their safety

"I'm still tripping on it. This is crazy," said Nelson.

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Police have not made any arrests. The investigation into the killings is continuing.

Detroit surpasses homicide total from last year

Detroit killings are on the rise again, with the city eclipsing last year's murder total in less than 11 months. Through Thanksgiving, there were 354 homicides committed in Detroit, according to the city's website. Police reported that Detroit had 344 homicides for all of 2011.

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With just over 700,000 residents, Detroit is among the nation's leaders in homicide rates. It earned the nickname "Murder City" after more than 700 homicides were committed there in 1974.

Two years ago, the city reported 309 murders, according to the Michigan State Police Uniform Crime Report. That followed 364 murders reported in 2009 and 327 in 2008.

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