General Motors' fix for cars with faulty ignition switch begins this week

GM dealers start fixing vehicles recalls due to faulty ignition switches

By Guy Gordon - Reporter/Anchor

TROY, Mich. - Replacement parts for the 2.6 million affected cars should arrive in dealerships soon, but it will take many months to satisfy the demand from all those recalled vehicles.

At the Troy Motor Mall there are three GM dealers eager to get started on the fix and to earn back customer trust. However, it is not a flood of new parts but only a trickle, and most of those are spoken for.

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Frightened car owners have taken loaners and parked their cars at dealerships such as Suburban Cadillac which also services Saturns.

Some dealers have two to three dozen waiting for a safer switch. These owners will get first crack at the 45,000 new switches due this week nationwide.

"As soon as we get the parts we'll be ready. We expect we'll do 25 to 30 cars a day," said Mark Clark, service director at Suburban Cadillac.

It takes 30 minutes and is free to the consumer. This first shipment covers less than 2 percent of the affected cars.

Dealers began ordering parts as soon as concerned customers began calling. Some are concerned GM hasn't sent more details on how to install the switches and how many they can expect.

GM released this statement Monday:

"We plan to send letters this week informing affected customers that parts are arriving at dealership and to schedule a service appointment with their dealer."

GM will only say they'll have enough parts to service every car no later than October and that dealers will receive installation instructions with the parts.

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