Geoffrey Fieger calls Obama critics racists in new ad

Geoffrey Fieger refers to his 'white brethren' being bothered

DETROIT - In a new 1-minute TV ad, Geoffrey Fieger refers to critics of President Barack Obama as racists.

The ad for his law firm Fieger Law.

In the ad Fieger begins saying, "Can we speak honestly about racism?" He then goes on to question whether people would question if President Obama was born in the united state if he was white.

Watch: Fieger on Local 4

In another portion of the ad he goes on to say, "Every time I hear someone insinuate that President Obama is a Muslim, or a communist, or a radical, or a foreigner, all I hear them say is that he's black. And as a white man in America I know damn well that it really bothers some of my white brethren that a black family is occupying the White House."

In an interview with Local 4, Fieger defended the ad saying, "It's obvious to me what's going on. All these co-words and these denials, and these people that are saying we're just legitimately concerned about where he was born, as if that mattered." Fieger went on to say, "this is all covert racism."

Fieger also said the ad is not an ad in support of President Obama, it's about racism in America.

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