Getaway driver references 'Bonnie and Clyde' after masked, armed bank robbery in Metro Detroit

Robert Gunther, David Johnson, Connie Johnson arrested for bank robberies

Police said two men and a woman were involved in a bank robbery scheme. (Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images)

PONTIAC, Mich. - Two men and a woman were arrested Monday in connection with a bank robbery and an attempted bank robbery in Wayne County, according to court documents.

Attempted bank robbery in Dearborn Heights

Robert James Gunther and David Allen Johnson are accused of walking into the Dearborn Federal Savings Bank at 4111 Telegraph Road around 10:55 a.m. Monday and announcing a robbery.

Officials said one of the men was armed with a shotgun, and both were wearing black masks. They told the people inside the bank to get on the floor and demanded money, according to a witness.

Another witnesses said Gunther and Johnson tried to pull on doors and windows to get access to the teller's area, but they couldn't get in.

Bank robbery in Taylor

Around 11:30 p.m. employees of the Citizens Bank at 23455 Eureka Road in Taylor said the two men walked into their bank. One of the men was armed with a shotgun, and they told everyone to "get on the ground and give them money."

A woman inside the bank said the men told her to "give me all your money -- 100s and 50s." She said one man had a shotgun and the other man was unarmed.

The men stole $4,686 from the Citizens Bank, officials said.

3 people arrested

Witnesses said the men left in a newer model maroon Ford Escape, which was driven by Connie Johnson, David Johnson's wife. The license plate was covered with what appeared to be blue painter's tape.

As the Escape was driving down Eureka Road, witnesses said a cloud of red smoke emitted from inside, and money flew out of the vehicle. Officials said the red smoke was caused by the dye packs connected to the money that the men took from Citizens Bank.

After the dye pack exploded, the Escape pulled into the parking lot of a Bob Evans restaurant in Taylor, according to court records. Gunther got out of the Escape and ran toward nearby railroad tracks, taking off his gray zip-up hooded sweatshirt and black hat.

Gunther was later found and arrested in Taylor. Officials used the sweatshirt and hat as evidence.

Later in the day, Taylor police found the Escape in Pontiac and conducted a traffic stop.

David Johnson and Connie Johnson were both in the vehicle. They were taken into custody, police said. Officers learned the Johnsons had a motel room in Pontiac, where they found a pump-action shotgun with a wood grain fore-end. Police said it is the shotgun used in the bank robbery.

Woman compares herself and her husband to 'Bonnie and Clyde'

During an interview, Gunther said he had been in the area of Eureka Road when he saw money in the road. He said he tried to pick up some money and got red dye on his hands from a dye pack.

Gunther said he was not in a bank but couldn't talk about it because he was afraid for his life and the lives of his family members, according to court records.

Gunther admitted that he had made some mistakes, police said.

Connie Johnson told police Gunther was the bank robber armed with a shotgun, according to authorities.

She said her husband went into the banks with Gunther but was not carrying a weapon. She told police she stayed in the Escape during the bank robbery until the men got out.

Police said Connie Johnson confirmed a red dye pack went off inside the Escape. She told police Gunther got out after the dye pack exploded, so she and her husband drove around until they got to a Pontiac motel.

She told police she took the shotgun out of the Escape and put it in the motel room.

Connie Johnson told police the robbery was exciting and compared herself and her husband to "Bonnie and Clyde," famous criminals from the time of the Great Depression, according to police.

Connie Johnson also said she drove her husband and Gunther to another robbery earlier in the day, but the men couldn't get any money because the bank had glass, police said.

David Johnson admitted to the attempted bank robbery and the bank robbery, police said. He also admitted that they had used the gun recovered from the Pontiac motel room, according to authorities.

Taylor police said the shotgun was found loaded and ready to fire.


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