Girl helps clean Detroit cemetery littered with trash

Eva Goldman helps pull weeds, clean trash at B'nai David Jewish cemetery

DETROIT - After a cemetery on Detroit's east side was littered with trash, a 13-year-old girl finally took action.

As the sun set on the B'nai David Jewish cemetery, 13-year-old Eva Goldman walks the grounds with her father, David, occasionally stopping to pull weeds that cover a grave site.

Although there's several cracked and broken tombstones, the place is pristine compared to what it looked like a few months ago.

"I thought it was horrible that it got this bad and I felt very bad for the people buried here," said Goldman.

It was especially bad near the tombstone of Goldman's great-great grandmother.

"When the flu epidemic happened, that's when she died. Her neighbors were sick," said Goldman. "She helped them, and she got sick and died."

Following in the footsteps of her ancestors, Goldman is now lending her helping hand. The community service project for her Bat Mitzvah -- cleaning the place up.

"My dad helped me organize some dates for my family to come out and clean," said Goldman. "Now the community is going to help."

Dozens of people will help out Sunday, raking leaves, planting flowers and sprucing up the cemetery.

Before she leaves, Goldman placed a stone on her great-great grandmother's headstone, letting her know she's been here and she's certainly making her mark.

"I feel really accomplished about this," said Goldman.

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