Google Buzzing With Anderson Cooper, Terrelle Pryor

DETROIT - Anderson Cooper went from his usual straight-faced, serious news anchor posture to resemble more of an excited, giddy schoolboy Wednesday night when he started to giggle while explaining how a French actor urinated into a plastic bottle during a flight.

Cooper's crackup gained him the No. 1 spot on Google Trends Thursday afternoon.

Also trending were former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor and Tea Party celebrity Christine O'Donnell.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Pryor for the first five games of the NFL season. Pryor has yet to be picked up by a team.

Delaware Republican O'Donnell terminated a CNN interview when she was asked to discuss her stance on gay marriage.

Here is a list of the trending keywords on Google as of Thursday afternoon:

anderson cooper, autonomy, hpq, terrelle pryor, christine o donnell, david letterman, the daily show, israel news, used cars, grocery stores, post offices, used books, capybara, florists, book stores, fried chicken, parks, debt counseling, privacy, car dealerships

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