Gov. Rick Snyder talks one-on-one with Local 4

It's been busy week for governor; He testified on Detroit's bankruptcy, Andy Dillon steps down

By Will Jones - Reporter

DETROIT - Governor Rick Snyder had a lot to discuss in a one-on-one interview with Local 4.

Snyder hit on several topics including the resignation of state treasurer Andy Dillon and the Belle Isle lease agreement which City Council will bring up for discussion next week.

It's been a busy week for the governor. He testifying under oath about Detroit's bankruptcy, revealing he doesn't know who is funding his NERD fund.

The NERD fund is paying for some of emergency manager Kevyn Orr's living and travel expenses and his close aide's salary. 

Some have argued that could pose a conflict of interest. The governor says he will respond to the concerns about the NERD fund in the next couple of weeks.

"Those people gave on the understanding they wouldn't be made public. So it's more going forward. It's something we could look at making future donors public and addressing it in some fashion," said Snyder.

Snyder also weighed in on Detroit securing a $350 million loan to help pay off some of its massive pension debt and improve basic city services.

"That's one of the big points of this whole process is the citizens of Detroit deserving better fundamental services, public safety, police, fire, the lights," Snyder said.

The process is also about to get underway for a new state treasurer. On Friday Andy Dillion --who is going through a bitter public divorce--put in his resignation.

"He has personal issues in terms of his life and I view those as private matters. He needs to address those and he felt it best to step down. I wish him the best," said Snyder.

On tap for next week for the governor watching as city council members address the belle isle lease agreement with the state.

Council is poised to come with their own plan to counter the one he and Orr signed off on.

"The main thing is you shouldn't criticize something unless you have a better proposal and I appreciate the fact that they want to review it," said Snyder.

A debate that proved to be so contentious last time, the governor pulled the deal from the table.

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