Graffiti removal costs MDOT more than $500,000 in Metro Detroit

Graffiti along Interstate 94 in Detroit cost MDOT more than $150,000 to remove in 2012

DETROIT - In 2012, the Michigan Department of Transportation Metro Region spent more than $500,000 on graffiti removal.  More than $150,000 was spent on I-94 in the city of Detroit.

MDOT spokesman Rob Morosi said the public needs to know about the challenge graffiti poses to the state.

"It's a problem all over the region and it is something we really wanted to bring attention to," Morosi said.

MDOT says removing graffiti requires more manpower hours, equipment and materials than simply removing a sign or banner from an overpass fence. In order for crews to safely remove the graffiti, lanes of traffic must be closed, hindering traffic and requiring unnecessary delays to motorists.

MDOT's Rob Morosi said the money going to graffiti removal could be put to better uses elsewhere.

"This is money that could be spent doing better things for the city, better things for the region. We could improve a roadway. We could improve an overpass with this money," Morosi said.

MDOT estimates that the costs for graffiti removal could be used to resurface six miles of one lane on an asphalt road.

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MDOT is asking that if you see taggers spraying graffiti on bridges and overpasses that you alert authorities.

For more information on how MDOT handles graffiti go here.

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