Grandma makes great catch at Rockies-Giants game

Fans take baseball gloves to the ball parks with the dream of catching a home run or foul ball. But Tuesday night, one fan finally got her wish when she made the catch of the game.

In the top of the ninth during the Rockies-Giants game, Colorado's Todd Helton hit a foul ball into the stands.

That's where Virginia Smith comes in.

The mother of nine, grandmother and great grandma caught the ball in her seat.

She then got up and celebrated with family and friends in her section. She broke out in a little dance and handed out hugs and high-fives.

She says that catching the ball means she can now scratch something off of her bucket list.

" At last. I have carried this ball glove to every ball game that I have ever gone to anywhere, and I finally got it to be able to get one and catch it," she said.

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