Grant passes jailhouse love letters

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. - According to letters released, convicted murderer Stephen Grant had been passing his time at Macomb County Jail by passing around intimate letters to female inmates.

The letters were among about 20 released to media outlets that filed Freedom of Information Act requests seeking them.

Several female inmates received letters from Grant, but he had a lot to talk about with convicted murderer Jennifer Kukla.

Read Grant's, Kukla's Letters To Each Other

Kukla, 31, was sentenced to life in prison for fatally stabbing her 8- and 5-year-old daughters.

Local 4 learned that while Kukla was in the mental ward at the Macomb County Jail over the summer, Kukla and Grant handed each other more than a dozen sexually suggestive hand-written notes from June 1 to June 7, 2007.

Grant told Kukla he wished they could arrange "a rendezvous in the closet one of these days." That statement was punctuated by a smiley face.

Kukla turned over the letters to authorities in November and told them they were passed underneath doorways and on food carts.

She said she wrote to him because she and other inmates wanted to know what he would say about his crime.

Grant also wrote two letters to another inmate and four to a woman named Sarah, though Kukla said those were in response to letters she had written to him using that name.

Police said Grant also wrote notes to Crystal Conklin, the woman charged with fatally beating her 2-year-old son.

Grant wrote that the "chats" with Kukla helped to keep him sane and said he missed his son, daughter and wife, Tara. Grant wrote the letters while he awaited trial for strangling and mutilating Tara Grant.

"I have to tell you that you are the first person to ask if I miss Tara and the answer is Yes," he wrote.

During an interview with Macomb County Sheriff Detective Mark Gramatico, Kukla said the notes documented that Grant said he killed his wife and took her to Stony Creek Park. Kukla also said that Grant, "Took her (Tara) back to his garage and had sex with her."

Read Police Interview And Report With Jennifer Kukla

Kukla said Grant often talked about the media attention focused around his case and referred to himself as "Mr. Mom."

During the interview with Kukla, she told Detective Gramatico, that in one of the notes, Grant said, "How he killed his wife and he thinks he's cool that he is a celebrity on TV," said Kukla.

Kukla is no longer at the Macomb County Jail and has been transferred to Huron Valley Women's Complex.

Kukla last September was found guilty of first-degree murder but mentally ill in the deaths of 8-year-old Alexandra and 5-year-old Ashley.

Kukla was accused of chasing her daughters with a kitchen knife inside their Macomb Township home. She told investigators at the time she heard voices telling her to do it.

She stabbed both girls several times in the throat.

Kukla received a mandatory life sentence in October.

Grant confessed to killing Tara and was convicted of second-degree murder in December and faces up to life in prison when he's sentenced Feb. 21.

Macomb County prosecutors on Tuesday also released eight increasingly irate, expletive-filled voicemails Grant left his wife for two days after she last was seen alive. The messages were played for the jury during his trial.

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