Gun advocates in Macomb County relieved by Senate's vote

Senate defeats compromise on gun background checks

WARREN, Mich. -

While President Obama voiced his anger in a manner that left no doubt about his thoughts on the vote, there was no jubilation over the gun control win on Wednesday at the North Macomb Sportsmen's Club. Instead, it was a simple sigh of relief.

"What they were proposing today, it was redundant. It was superficial. These things are already in place and it didn't need to be taken any further," said Nick Amicone, a club member.

The Senate defeated a compromise plan to expand background checks on firearms sales as well as a proposal to ban some semi-automatic weapons modeled after military assault weapons.

Read: Senate defeats compromise on gun background checks

Second Amendment advocates such as Amicone don't believe what was being proposed in the Senate would have changed anything at Sandy Hook Elementary.

"Taking the guns away doesn't prevent crazy. The poor, unfortunate young man was sick. He had a mental disease. It's a mental health issue," said Amicone.

He's not alone. The National Rifle Association's dinner in Macomb was sold out Tuesday night. All 600 tickets went fast. It's all thanks to the debate in Washington, the same debate which is responsible for a massive increase in gun sales an ammunition.

None of it makes sense to any Sandy Hook parent.

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