Hamburg Township boy, 10, makes ride in underwear to help save dad

AJ Hieber races to get help when dad suffers severe allergic reaction to bee stings


A 10-year-old Hamburg Township boy is credited with help save his father's life after he suffered a scary allergic reaction to bee stings.

AJ Hieber was at home Aug. 5 when he went to check on his dad.

"I go in there to see my dad crying in the bathtub. I ask him what's wrong and he says, ‘I got stung by two bees go get mom,'" he said.

AJ knew it was serious so he hopped on his bike,  not having time to get dressed.

"I ride my bike down to Sunset Lake, which is a little way down there, and I'm in my underwear mind you," he said. "And I just tell mom that dad got stung by a bee and he needs your help."

His grandmother, Sally Parsell, said Hieber's father, Adam, is severely allergic to the stings.

"This is the second time this summer that his dad was stung by a bee. He was in bad shape when they got him," she said. "Unfortunately, his dad could have not made it."

But Adam Hieber did make it, thanks to the swift actions of his family.

"Mom stabbed him with two EpiPens and called 911 and then the ambulance came and all that hullabaloo happened," AJ said.

AJ's an exceptional kid. He was reciting the alphabet forwards and backwards at 18 months old and then moved on to learn Spanish.

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he says "I don't know. There's a lot of choices and I'm still thinking about it."

--AJ's dad, Adam

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