Happy Ditch Your Resolution Day! Here are some tips for getting back on track

It's not too late to pursue New Year's resolutions

By Evrod Cassimy - Reporter/Anchor, Amber Ainsworth

DETROIT - Ah, New Year's resolutions, those promises to change something in the new year that usually are forgotten very soon after they're made.

It's such a common occurrence that Thursday is dubbed National Ditch Your Resolution Day.

If you've fallen off track, experts have tips to help you recommit to your plans.

Fitness experts recommend changing your mindset from resolution to evolution because change takes time. Also, don't go more than two days without working toward your goal. 

Life Time Fitness certified personal trainer Lindsey Ogden said there are a lot of varying numbers about how many days it takes to develop a habit, but being sure to not miss more than two days with no progress can help build those habits.

"Even if you go to the gym and just walk, that's better than nothing. But if you hit two days, three days of not even making that a habit, that's when we start to fall the other way," Ogden said.

Sharing your resolutions with other people is another way you can help reach your goals.

"To make sure that you actually follow through with that plan, always make sure you share that concept with somebody and have that person hold you accountable," said David Freeman, Life Time Fitness certified personal trainer.

Freeman said reminders about what you're working toward are important.

"Have it somewhere in your house or wherever you're at so you can see and make sure that you achieve that result," he said.

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