Her perfect day? A little romance goes a long way

Study shows how women would spend their "perfect day"

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Most women spend their days juggling work, children and maintaining the home. So when you think of what a woman's perfect day would involve, sitting in a spa and doing practically nothing sounds pretty good. However, most women would disagree.

According to a new study, a little romance with their partner is a top priority in a woman's ideal day - 106 minutes, to be exact. Nine-hundred women with an average age of 38 were surveyed on what they do each day and how they feel about it. Their answers were analyzed to produce the perfect day routine.

Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep tops the list, followed by what researchers call "intimate relations." Spending time on the computer comes next, at 98 minutes, and socializing, at 82 minutes. The rest of the day consists of 78 minutes relaxing, 56 minutes of shopping and 57 minutes talking on the phone.

16 different activities in all are included in the "perfect day," making variety the most important thing. When it comes to working or commuting, women would spend no time doing either, and only two minutes doing housework, with only another two minutes with the children.

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