Holidays and celebrations on July 8

Every day is a holiday in some way

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DETROIT - Happy July 8th!

While there are different holidays to celebrate every day, July 8 is a special one for some.
The origins of many holidays may not be known, but it doesn't stop avid celebrants from eagerly marking July 8 as a fun and fantastic day.
Here are a few of the most popular holidays celebrated on July 8:

Be A Kid Day

Many people have fond memories of their childhood, and often wish they could go back and relive those days. Now is their chance.
Grab a coloring book; build a fort with blankets and pillows. With the weather cooling down, go outside and ride a bike or throw on your old roller skates.
It's July 8, and you deserve to be a kid again … even for just a day.

Video Games Day

In the United States, National Video Games Day isn't until September 12th. But in most technologically adept areas, July 8 is known as Video Games Day.
Conveniently landing in the middle of summer's hottest days, Video Games Day celebrates a full day of plugged-in fun.
Enjoy all of the popular electronic gaming platforms as you try to beat the top scores on your favorite games.

Depending on your age, you may be able to celebrate both of these holidays on July 8.  Have fun!

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