Home invader found sleeping in Ann Arbor home

U of M students come home to find house ransacked, man sleeping in closet

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - A 36-year-old man was arrested after he broke into an Ann Arbor home and was found sleeping on Thursday.

The man used a fire escape to gain access to the house on Catherine Street.

Once inside, he made himself right at home.

"He was going into the freezer because people store alcohol there. He had moved some of the bottles from one room to another," said Nathaniel Skinner.

Skinner lives in the home with his roommates. They're all grad students at the University of Michigan.

He came home to a mess on Thanksgiving night.

"I came in here and there was two guitars and a laptop and some chicken," Skinner said.

Up stairs all of the bedrooms had been ransacked.

"I first thought Nathan and his friends were playing a prank," said roommate Julian Relch.

"We got a bat and came back down stairs, called the cops. The cops got here but, you know we had been here for two hours at this point watching Karate Kid," said Skinner.

Police were inside the home taking a report when Skinner says he heard a strange noise coming from a closet.

"I had poked my head into the one room next to the one they were currently inspecting and heard something like a bulldog trying to fall asleep or something like that. I was praying that's what it was," said Skinner.

Police opened up the closet and inside they found a sleeping man.

The Thanksgiving thief, full from all of the food and booze had decided to take a nap. 

"Freaks me out. We were kind of going on with the what ifs," said Relch.

Police arrested the man and gave him a new bed in jail.

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