Ice cream man saves kids from out of control motorcycle

Man left injured after saving children

DEARBORN, Mich. - A driver of an ice cream truck is being called a hero for sacrificing himself to save the lives of kids as an out of control motorcycle approached them.

The frozen treats send the kids running with reckless abandon when they hear the tune of the ice cream man, leaving parents holding their breaths in hopes that traffic slows and the kids are safe.

One ice cream man in Dearborn witnessed a speeding motorcycle bearing down on several children buying treats from his truck Sunday.

The driver had the presence of mind to try and keep the kids safe, and in the process, he sacrificed his own body.

The motorcyclist apparently lost control and flipped his bike. The bike then hit the ice cream man, injuring his leg.

The motorcyclist, tentatively identified as 20-year-old Mohamed Saidi, is in serious condition at Oakwood Hospital.

Dearborn police are still investigating the incident.

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