Identity thieves try to scam Livonia police chief

Chief Curtis Caid says money orders he received looked real, but aren't

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

LIVONIA, Mich. - Identity thieves are trying to scam a local police chief. 

Livonia Police Chief Curtis Caid received an envelope on his desk Sept.27.  nside were two money orders for nearly $2,000.

The money orders looked real. They were signed by a person with a Boston-area address, and Caid says he doesn't know who the person is. 

"It's a scam," Caid tells Local 4's Shawn Ley.  

The money orders were addressed to "Curtis Caid" and sent to the Livonia Police Department.

No title of "chief" was printed on the envelope. 

Looking closer, it was clear to the chief that the money orders are fakes.

The orders do not have printed security features an actual money order would have. 

"It is a scam. What the true motives are we don't know at the moment. This type of thing is not uncommon," Caid said.

Investigators believe the person sending the fake money orders have sent out several of them, hoping at least one person thinks they are getting free money in the mail.

That person may try to cash the money orders, and in the confusion, they could compromise their account information.

Police say do not try to cash the money orders and contact the police. 

In Caid's case, he's certain the person trying to scam him has no idea that he's a police chief, and he'd like a word with the not so smart scam artist. 

"I would present the documents to them. I'd be in uniform and say, 'Hey I'm Curtis Caid. You sent me these, we need to talk,'" Caid said.  

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