Independent Imam Death Probe Sought

Muslim Cleric Killed During Dearborn FBI Raid

DETROIT - Political and civil rights activists are renewing their call for an independent investigation into the fatal shooting of a mosque leader during an FBI raid.

About 200 people gathered Saturday for a town hall meeting at New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit to discuss the October death of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah.

According to Abdullah's autopsy report, the 53-year-old Muslim Cleric was shot 20 times in less than five seconds when the FBI raided a warehouse in Dearborn on Oct. 28.

Dr. Carl Schmidt, Wayne County's chief medical examiner said the 20 shots caused 21 wounds, mostly on the left side of Abdullah's body, from the abdomen down.


?You cannot tell by the gunshot wounds whether he was lying down, standing up, sitting," Schmidt told reporters in February. "It is impossible to say which one was the fatal gunshot wound. It was a combination of gunshot wounds."

The FBI said the rain was part of an investigation into Abdullah and several other men in connection with a theft operation.


Abdullah's supporters said it was an act of police brutality aimed at a black Muslim.

One of Abdullah's sons says one of his father's legs was broken.

The Rev. Robert Smith of New Bethel likened Abdullah's killing to those committed by police during the civil rights movement and Detroit riots.

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