Inkster Could Lay Off 15 Police Officers

Officers, Residents Make Public Plea To Avoid Layoffs

INKSTER, Mich. - The Inkster Police Department faces possible police officer layoffs.

Officers of all ranks addressed City Hall Tuesday night about the potential for massive layoffs within the police department.

Late in the meeting, the city manager announced the layoffs of up to 15 officers, but city council members voted to block the decision. City leaders will now explore alternatives, but layoffs are still on the table.

The police union made concessions weeks earlier and settled on a new contract agreement. However, apparently the concessions were not enough.

"We want to do a good job for the citizens, but we need manpower to do so," said Jeff Smith, of the Inkster police union.

Union leaders said the city manager informed them last week that layoffs were imminent and officers could be let go within two weeks.

The force of 61 officers could dwindle to 46. The city faces a budget deficit of millions of dollars. Cuts would have to be made in order to save the budget.

"If we lose 15 police officers, the only people I feel sorry for are the citizens of Inkster because crime is going to go crazy," said Chuck Randazzo, an Inkster police officer.

Officers and citizens both made a public plea Tuesday night at the City Hall.

"Between gun shots, and I don't know it was dynamite M-80s or what, my neighborhood sounded like a war zone," said one resident. "We need every policeman we have."

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