Inkster family deals with serious house flood

Pipes burst at abandoned home causing flooding to basement next next door

INKSTER, Mich. - A family in Inkster is dealing with a serious flood and a smelly situation for several days now.

The Walker's basement quickly filled up with filthy water Friday. The grimy water flooded the basement and reached eight feet, as high as the ceilings in their home.

The family lives next door to an abandoned home filled with garbage.

The city told Local 4 that pipes burst at the abandoned home and a slow trickle from the foundation caused the flood at the Walker's home.

Jennifer Walker was brought to tears at the thought of what her family lost in the flood.

"You know we're not rich, we don't make a lot of money you know, right now my husband is laid-off," said Walker. "We worked hard to get that washer and dyer, we worked hard for the stuff that we have."

Jennifer's husband Calvin says he noticed a small puddle in the basement on Friday. By Saturday, the basement was waist deepĀ in water. Without any help from the city of Inkster, the water just continued to rise.

"My dog kennel, the cushions on my couch, my clothes," said Calvin Walker. "All floating."

"It's a bad situation," said Deputy Director Jerome Bivins from the Inkster Department of Pubic Services. "Their basement is flooded. It's under investigation, I'll have to see what caused the issue, but in the meantime we are going to provide them some relief by bring a pump out here."

After a water logged weekend Bivins was at the Walker home Monday morning.

He shut off the water and most importantly fired up a pump to help the family remove the water from the home.

DTE shut off power until the water is removed and the family will now have to make a claim with the city of Inkster to replace the damaged items.

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