Inkster students to start classes in other communities

Inkster schools out of cash, forced to shut down

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

INKSTER, Mich. -

Next week students that use to go to school in Inkster will be attending classes in other communities.

It's all because Inkster schools ran out of cash and shut down.

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Parents had several weeks now to figure out where to send their children next week.

Many parents said they still can't believe that this community doesn't have a district anymore.

"I never heard of a district closing all of the schools period in one district," said parent Ernestine Yharbrough . "Lot of these kids from the projects walk to school when they miss the bus they walk to school, so how are they going to walk to school from here to Romulus or from here to Taylor, how they going to get to school."

The superintendent of the now defunct school district says the transition has been smooth.

The district board office is remaining open to help parents sort out which of the four districts to send their kids to.

The choices are Taylor, Romulus, Wayne Westland or Westwood.

"Well you known it seems like it's not far for the kids, they need the schools. You're sending them way away from their peers, their little peers around here, their little friends and stuff, it's going to affect their mentality, their school work and everything," said parent Jesse Briggs.

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