Inkster To Cut Several Police Officers

City Faces Enormous Budget Problems, Threat Of State Takeover

INKSTER, Mich. - Inkster's shrinking police department is about to get smaller.

Local 4 has learned that as many as 12 Inkster police officers will lose their jobs soon, and there is the potential for more cuts.

"There could be more, yes," said City Councilman Michael Canty.

Inkster's funds have been running out fast and the state is already looking into the city's finances. City officials submitted a five-year deficit reduction plan to Lansing on Tuesday that calls for cuts not only in the police department but also in other city departments.

"It shows the state that we are making a good faith effort toward resolving our budget issues," Canty said. "If we sit back and do nothing they will certainly come right in and take over."

The department will be reorganized and officers will be demoted along with the cuts. The police force is currently comprised of 60 officers, and a drop in numbers brings up safety concerns.

"We really didn't have much of a choice because if we didn't we would be inviting the state to basically come in and do the layoffs for us," Canty said.


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