Investigation into relationship between Charles Pugh, teen boy temporarily suspended

Alleged victim's attorney says there is concern about psychological, emotional impact on teen

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter
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MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. - There is a major development in the Charles Pugh case as the new attorney for the alleged victim of inappropriate touching has temporarily suspended both the criminal and civil cases against the former Detroit City Council president.

In a statement issued Monday, attorney Bill Seikaly says due to serious concerns the victim's mother has about the psychological and emotional impact this incident is having on her son, they have asked Madison Heights police to suspend the investigation.

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The attorney also says they have reason to believe there are more victims in the community as well as adults who are aware of what Pugh has engaged in. 

Pugh has made no public appearances or statements about the alleged improper touching or a former student he mentored at the Fredrick Douglas Academy.

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Pugh has been absent from City Council for weeks and has had his pay and duties stripped by Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr.

Pugh has been spotted in Seattle.

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Full statement from attorney:

William R. Seikaly, Esq.

Attorneys earlier involved in this matter reached out to our firm and have asked us to become involved because of our firm's experience in such cases. 

The victim and his mother have interviewed us, and we have conducted extensive interviews of both of them.  The mother of the victim has very serious concerns about the psychological and emotional impact this incident is having on her son. We share these concerns.

Together, we have come to the conclusion that it is in the victim's best interest to suspend both the civil and criminal investigations in this matter while he receives treatment to address the impact of what has occurred.

The Madison Heights Police Department has been understanding, and has agreed to honor this request.

We thank them for their professionalism and sensitivity in addressing this matter.

We have reason to believe that there are more victims in the community, as well as adults who are aware of what Mr. Pugh has engaged in.

We hope that they will come forward for the sake of the victims, and to prevent further such activities.

We ask that the press respect our client's privacy, and that all inquiries be made to this office and that the victim and his family be left alone.

We will have no further comment about the facts of this particular case until such time as we decide to move forward on the civil lawsuit. Neither this firm nor our clients will comment on the criminal investigation.

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