Is Cyber Monday killing Black Friday?

Online shopping is convenient, but can it beat the experience?

DETROIT - Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, with deals being found at nearly every store -- but is it still relevant when many people can simply stay home and shop online?

Black Friday's deals did not disappoint consumers. From big purchases to small, shoppers were getting steals from their favorite stores. 

However, waking up early in order to grab popular door-buster offerings can be tough after a holiday. Many consumers are choosing to stay home and get the same deals on Cyber Monday.

"I think the people that come out to shop on Black Friday, they want the experience." Shelley Darmetko, Oakland Mall's senior marketing Manager, said. "They're here to shop with their families."

The one deal that retailers can't beat is the comfort of being in your own home, where you can shop in your pajamas if you wanted. 

"I'm sporting the PJ look," said Joan Bowker, a shopper who braved Friday's crowds in her pajamas. "I thought about waking up earlier, but I'm like, what's the point?"

A veteran Black Friday shopper, Bowker believes she can do both, getting the family bonding experience by shopping with her cousins, but can also wear pajamas at the mall. To her, Black Friday is a serious shopping holiday and her pajama attire shows everyone how committed she is.

"Today's an exception since it is Black Friday," Bowker said. "Everyone is getting up early."

While the convenience of online shopping appeals to many, it doesn't appear to be hurting the crowds that physically seek out new deals on Black Friday.

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