Former Michigan Rep. John Dingell's wit leaves mark on digital world

Dingell died Thursday at 92 years old

DETROIT - As we look back at the incredible legacy left behind by Rep. John Dingell, it's hard to forget one thing he did that had nothing to do with legislation.

He was the dean of Congress, but he was probably the dean of Twitter, too.

You only have to go back to one of Dingell's last tweets to see he was just as sharp as ever in his final days.

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The tweet says," Someone told me that the man behind everyone's favorite cup of coffee might run for president and I just want to wish @TimHortons the very best. You have my support."

Devin Scillian got to sit down with Dingell to talk about his second act as a star on social media.

At age 92, Dingell's mind remained supple. His wit was sharp, and he was a natural tweeter.

"This is something that you've really come to get great joy out of," Devin said during an interview.

"Well, it happens to be so, but they said, 'Dingell, if you do this, we'll protect you and see that you don't get yourself in too deep,'" he said. "Well, the hard fact seems to be that I'm in over my head, and I can't seem to figure out how in the name of hell I'm going to get out of it."

Those who either loved or reviled Dingell the politician weren't surprised in the least to find his targets on Twitter were Republicans, such as former Environmental Protection Agency Chief Scott Pruitt.

"It's always interesting how long a skunk can stay at a picnic," Dingell tweeted. "Bon voyage to swamp monster Pruitt. I wish you a lifetime of coach flights."

"As a man with chronic back pain, I must admit I'm jealous of their spinelessness," Dingell tweeted about the Freedom Caucus.

"If you've ever wondered what ghouls and goblins do to keep busy on the 364 days a year that aren't Halloween, here's Rudy Giuliani all over your television set," Dingell tweeted about Giuliani.

He also tweeted about the Detroit Tigers and his beloved Michigan Wolverines.

President Donald Trump also became a favorite Dingell target on Twitter.

You can watch Devin Scillian's full story in the video posted above.

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