Jonathan Hoffman, grandmother had tensions over drugs

17-year-old shot to death by 74-year-old grandmother in West Bloomfield home

DETROIT - Court documents obtained by Local 4 show 17-year-old Jonathan Hoffman has a past riddled with drugs.

According to the documents, he was caught with marijuana on St. Patrick's Day of this year and turned himself into police.

"He had used mushrooms. He had never used them before, he freaked out. He called police himself for help," said Loren Dickstein, Hoffman's former defense attorney. "Even the report indicates that when the officer arrived Jonathan jumped into his arms and hugged him."

Hoffman was charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Dickstein said his client pleaded guilty but went into a program, adhering to strict conditions. If he stayed clean for a year, his record would be wiped clean, Dickstein said.

Hoffman was just weeks away from graduating from Farmington Central High School, an alternative education school.

He was shot dead Friday by his grandmother in the West Bloomfield home he lived in with her.

The grandmother, 74-year-old Sandra Layne, is charged with open murder.

The home has been searched and Layne's attorney says police found more evidence of marijuana and a drug scale in Hoffman's bedroom.

"I saw the statement by one of his defense attorneys that he may have been involved in selling. I think that is outrageous and irresponsible," Dickstein said.

Days before Hoffman's drug trouble in March, Layne's attorneys said the two had a drug-fueled argument and that police were called.

The attorneys said police were ready to arrest Hoffman for disorderly conduct but that Layne declined, saying she would handle it.

They also said she later feared for her life.

"Never, ever did I sense that she was in fear or uncomfortable with him in any way. In fact, it was expressed to me from her that she had a very strong desire for him to be with her," Dickstein said.

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