Judge: CVS security guard killer is 'poster child' for gang life

Courtney Meeks killed Feb. 26 in parking lot of store on Schaefer Highway

DETROIT - A judge sentencing one of the men convicted in the shooting death of a security guard at a CVS in Detroit called him the "poster child for gang life."

Judge Vera Massey Jones on Tuesday said Jamare Rucker was an intelligent person, but hadn't used it to his advantage. She also didn't think that he had truly given up his gang ways as he said he had.

--Jamare Rucker

"He says he's not a member of a gang, but then why are you running around terrorizing women and children, stealing cars. You didn't really give up the game, you're still with it. He could do a whole lot more with his life than what he has done," Jones said. "He's the poster child for gang life. This is where it leads you. At least he's still alive. It leads you to prison."

Rucker was convicted of killing Courtney Meeks in February. Rucker and co-defendant Jeremy Jackson were accused of carjacked two women and a young boy at gunpoint outside the a CVS store on Schaefer Highway. When Meeks ran out to help, he was shot.

Rucker was sentenced to two years on a felony firearms charge, 10 to 20 years on an armed robbery charge and 33 to 60 years on a second-degree murder charge.

Jackson was also sentenced Tuesday on the same charges and same prison time.

Meeks' mother, Camille, reverently spoke to Rucker and Jackson before their sentencing, saying she would pray for them and hoped they would enlightened by God.

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--Jeremy Jackson

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