Judge orders deposition for Turkia Mullin

Mullin to go under oath 1st time since scandal broke

DETROIT - The former Wayne County director of economic development and now the former Wayne County Airport Authority CEO, Turkia Mullin, will be put under oath.

A judge has ordered a deposition stemming from a lawsuit that claims Mullin and the Airport Authority violated an open meetings act while searching for a new airport director.

Attorneys will be given the opportunity Nov. 22 to ask Mullin a barrage of questions about her job with the airport and the county.

It is unclear what impact the deposition will have in the ongoing FBI probe into Wayne County. However, having Mullin's testimony under oath will put her on the record for the first time since the county severance scandal was brought to light.

Mullin accepted a $200,000 severance package from the county upon leaving her job as head of economic development. She returned the money, although it was much less after taxes at about $136,000.

The FBI has been investigating Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano's office since the severance scandal broke. Meanwhile, Mullin was fired from her CEO position with the airport.

Moreover, amid the investigation, Ficano has changed his deputy executive and assistant.

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