Jury hears tactics used by police when 7-year-old Detroit girl was killed

Detroit police officer faces manslaughter charge in 2010 shooting death of Aiyana Jones; tactic questioned

By Roger Weber - Reporter


The jury in the manslaughter trial of a Detroit police officer heard testimony Thursday about tactics used during a raid in which a 7-year-old girl was killed.

Aiyana Jones died from a shot fired by Officer Joseph Weekly of the Special Response Team.

Sgt. Tim Dollinger testified that the SRT decided earlier to use a stun grenade to temporarily disable the people inside.

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"We can come in and it affords us precious seconds," said Dollinger. "You can get three seconds to eight seconds where it disorients."

Weekley fired three seconds after the flash grenade detonated on the couch where Aiyana was sleeping with her grandmother. Weekley says he pulled the trigger after the grandmother came in contact with his weapon.

Normally during a raid, officers move directly inside houses to avoid the high risk doorway area known as the fatal funnel. However, Dollinger said Weekley stayed in the doorway.

"If an officer stops, something's holding him up somehow," said Dollinger.

Testimony resumes next Monday. Later next week, the jury will go to a remote location to see a stun grenade demonstration.

-- Aiyana JOnes

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