Jury views crime scene videos

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. - Circuit Judge Diane Druzinski ruled Wednesday that jurors in the Stephen Grant murder trial would be allowed to view a limited number of gruesome autopsy photos of Tara Grant.

Au Pair Gives Tearful TestimonyLocal 4's Hank Winchester blogs from the Grant trial

Stephen was in the third day of his trial Wednesday in the February killing and mutilation of his wife, Tara.

On Tuesday, jurors heard the tearful testimony of Verena Dierkes, the Grant family's au pair, who recounted a sexual affair she had with Stephen.

Wednesday, jurors were shown a police videotape from inside the Grant home as police carried out a search warrant March 2, including scenes from the garage where Tara's body was found and a container that carried her torso. Jurors showed no visible reaction when they had a brief look at pictures of the container's contents.

They also saw a video taken by Local 4 showing Grant walking his dog in the snow outside his home moments before he disappeared for a couple of days. Police testified Wednesday that at the time the video was taken, Grant was free to leave.

Grant borrowed a neighbor's truck, but was captured a couple of days later in the upper Lower Peninsula.

The same neighbor testified Wednesday about a conversation he said he had with Grant in 2005 about animals feeding on dead deer at Stony Creek Metropark.

Part of Tara's body was later found in Stony Creek.

The trial continues Thursday with testimony from a police officer in Northern Michigan who had found Grant when he was on the run. Grant had been without a coat, boots or gloves.

Also scheduled for Thursday is testimony from the officer who found part of Tara's body at Stony Creek.

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