Just because it's a dollar, it's not always a deal

Ruth to the Rescue reveals what's a bargain and what's not.

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Detroit - The dollar store can be a great place to find bargains, but just because something is $1, that doesn't mean it is a deal.

According to Kiplinger, some things are great deals while others are not.

Party supplies are a good deal.  Anything from decorations, invitations, favors, paper plates, napkins, cups and plastic cutlery.   

Vitamins are not a good buy at a dollar store.  Consumer Reports found that dollar store vitamins don't always have the amount of nutrients claimed on the label and they don't absorb fast enough to get into the body.

Cleaning supplies are a bargain.  According to Good Housekeeping, the cleaners you buy at the dollar store work just as well as higher priced items.

Toys might not be a good idea.  Studies show they could contain unsafe levels of lead or break easy.

Other good deals are greeting cards, holiday decorations, seasonal goods and cooking and dining accessories.

Pregnancy tests are a good deal believe it or not.  According to Kiplinger, the cheapest test at Walgreens costs $8, but you can get one at the dollar store for $1 and it works.

Aspirin, ibuprofen and other medications are not a good deal.  Neither are school supplies or canned goods and other pantry items.  

There is also a warning about batteries and electronics. Consumer Reports warns that dollar store electronics and extension cords may have fake UL labels and could be unsafe.

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