Kabooyow! TV interview makes woman internet sensation

Michelle Clark has her own hashtags on Twitter

HOUSTON - When a photojournalist at WDIV's sister station in Houston, Texas was interviewing residents in Brookshire, Texas, who woke up to the sound of hail hitting the windows of an apartment complex, Michelle Clark had one word for what she said sounded like a shotgun blast: "Kabooyow!"

Now Clark has gone viral. In the age of social media, she's joining the ranks of Internet sensations like Antoine Dodson ("Hide ya kids, hide 'ya wife" )and last year's Sweet Brown ("Ain't nobody got time for that").

Four different hashtags on Twitter made their appearance Wednesday:





And Clark has made her way to Buzzfeed, as well.

See Morning Cam Interview: Kabooyow!

"Becoming an overnight internet star isn't easy," said Sarah Patterson, Local 2's Social Media Producer. But, Patterson says, there is a recipe for success. Want to go viral? Follow these easy steps.

1. Be interviewed on television.

2. Have a larger than life personality.

3. Use a catch phrase like "KABOOYAW!"



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