Kevorkian Estate To Auction Disputed Paintings

Museum Claims Doctor Donated 17 Paintings Set To Be Auctioned

BOSTON, Mass. - The estate of Dr. Jack Kevorkian is proceeding with plans to auction 17 paintings by the assisted-suicide advocate that are in storage at a Massachusetts museum.

Kevorkian's attorney Mayer Morganroth said Thursday he expects buyers will bid on the paintings even through the Armenian Library and Museum of America has refused to turn them over to the estate.

Attorney Harold Potter Jr. says the museum believes in "good faith" that it is the owner of the paintings. Both sides have filed lawsuits.

Morganroth says the paintings were loaned to the museum, but always remained the property of Kevorkian.

The auction is scheduled for Friday in New York City. Morganroth says a 10 percent deposit is required of successful bidders on the disputed paintings. The deposit will be held in escrow.


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