Key Ambassador Bridge ramp could be done by spring

Billionaire bridge owner Matty Moroun spent night in jail over missed deadlines

DETROIT - :"The state of Michigan says it's received federal approval to build an elevated ramp that will take trucks directly to interstates from Detroit's Ambassador Bridge.

The job could be completed by Memorial Day. In a statement Wednesday, the Transportation Department says the property finally was signed over last month by the bridge owner.

"We didn't know that it was all official and approved until our attorneys had review it," said MDOT region engineer Tony Kratofil. "So, we just knew it in the last few days."

The Federal Highway Administration told the state the work can be done while the bridge owner remains locked in litigation with MDOT over the Gateway Project. The project to alleviate congestion in the Ambassador Bridge neighborhood was supposed to be finished four years ago.

"Come clean with this whole case. We were right. We are right," said Dan Stamper, Bridge Company president.

Stamper and 84-year-old company owner Manuel "Matty" Moroun recently spent a night in jail as a consequence for missed deadlines.

"I paid a hell of a price for being right. It not only hurt me and the company, it hurt my family. It hurt a lot of folks," Stamper said.

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