Kid Rock doesn't want state to legalize ticket scalping

House Bill 5108 would repeal ban on reselling ticket at price higher than face value

DETROIT - A famous Detroiter is making it known that he doesn't want his home state to legalize ticket scalping.

House Bill 5108 was introduced last fall and would repeal the ban on reselling a ticket at a price that is higher than face value.

The thinking behind the bill is that if you buy a ticket, it becomes your property -- which in turns means you should be able to sell it to anyone, anywhere and at any price.

Those pushing to decriminalize it say it's a way to bring back free enterprise.

But Kid Rock has now publicly gone on the record, in the form of a newspaper editorial, calling scalpers "greedy" and saying the cost of going to a concert or sporting event has "gotten out of hand."

The Detroit musician explained that he tried to hold down the price of tickets to his own show by using paperless tickets to protect against secondary ticketing sites and brokers.

He is urging the state to not lift the restrictions.

Other opponents say the unintended consequence is brokers will swoop in, use their methods to buy stacks of tickets, and then re-sell them back to the public at outrageous prices.

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