Kids Learn To Face Bullies At Camp

Summer Camp Empowers Kids While They Have Fun

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI - There are summer camps for nearly every hobby or interest a child has, from soccer and basketball to music and robotics.

In Metro Detroit there is a group that offers summer camps to teach children how to deal with bullies.

Girls and Boys Empowered offers over 50 camps in the summer months for children.

"When people are being mean to us, it's not always easy to stand up and say i don't want you to treat me that way, right?," said Mikhael Reamer, a counselor for Girls and Boys Empowered.

She teaches both boys and girls how to find their inner strength, develop confidence and self-esteem.

During the camps. counselors try to get to kids before bullying becomes a problem.

"They've been told, 'Act like you don't care if someones mean to you.' We're teaching kids to, 'No, I do care how you are treating me and I'm going to try everything to get it to stop," said the founder and president of Girls and Boys Empowered, Kimber Bishop-Yanke.

Bishop-Yanke said bullying is not the only problem kids deal with. She said there is mean behavior that parents, teachers and others must recognize and stop before it becomes bullying.

"Now we've got a much bigger problem. We've got a target who now has low self-esteem, who doesn't feel like they can stand up," said Bishop-Yanke.

Children who attended the camp got the message.

"I didn't know that if someone says a mean word to you, it like a scar forever and ever and ever and you remember it," said Chris Nagridge.

"It helps you build self confidence, when someone says something that's not true and you don't believe them," said Holly Liddle.

"You should always be a loyal friend, if anybody needs it. Even if you don't like them, you should always be nice," said Mary Harris.

"I think back to myself at this age, yeah, I probably could've used something like this," said Holly's mother, Stephanie Liddle.

Liddle has sent her child to a Girls and Boys Empowered camp for the last three summers. She said her daughter has never been bullied, but she still worries about it.

"I think that, especially with the girls, you do worry about effects on their self-esteem," said Liddle.

The group offers camps all summer, including ones to help children return to the classroom.

For more information on the summer camps: Girls and Boys Empowered Summer Camps

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