Kilpatrick may have violated parole conditions with $2,000 gift

Kilpatrick failed to reported gift of money raising questions at the Department of Correction

DETROIT - It's the video everybody is talking about parolee Kwame Kilpatrick inside a Chesterfield Township Walmart on December 11th.

He is seen counting cash in the video. Kilpatrick was at the store to collect a $2,000 money order.

He kept $800 dollars from that money order and he sent $1,200 to another Walmart in Texas.

The next day Kilpatrick paid his $500 dollar restitution to the state of Michigan.

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Typically a parolee getting a money order would not be no big deal but, under Kilpatrick's parole conditions he must report all income and gifts.

"For the month of December he reported zero income and zero gifts. So, the fact we have video surveillance he did receive money and we see him put it into his pocket and he failed to report it to his parole agent and it would be a violation of his parole," said Russ Marla Department of Correction spokesperson.

The money came from a Chicago pastor named Corey Brooks.

"We gave him a gift we got a letter he requested help. He was one of many people we helped for Christmas," said Brooks in a phone interview on Tuesday.

Remember the house Kilpatrick lived in, the life of luxury he has been living? 

"I can honestly tell you I have no idea where he lives, what kind of car he drives, that is not my reason for helping him or not helping him, " said Brooks.

Outside of federal court today the parolee told reporters he should not comment on something so trivial.

Being that I'm Kwame Kilpatrick and this is Detroit and the rules are different for me it's defiantly something we want to make sure we stay on the right side which we are its not against any of the special conditions that I have," said Kilpatrick outside of court when asked about the money order.

" He's been on parole for a year and a half he knows his obligations. The trend the trouble we see here, is he goes all the way out to northeastern Macomb County to do this transaction, fails to report income to his agent, his agent was aware of it made some inquiries into it and he still said he received no gifts, he was asked several times and no was his answer several times, " said Marla.

"Hopefully it can be something that can be explained and will go away," said Kilpatrick

The department of corrections say it will need to investigate and may need to hold a parole violation hearing in regards to the non-reporting of the money order caught on camera.

The issue could possible return Kilpatrick to prison

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