L. Brooks Patterson: 'I accept my responsibility'

Oakland County executive cited for not wearing seatbelt in August crash


Auburn Hills police say Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson has been issued a citation for not wearing a seatbelt.

Patterson was seriously hurt Aug. 10 as a passenger when the car he was in was hit at the intersection of Walton and Opdyke. Patterson's driver, James Cram, was also not wearing a seatbelt, police said. But police said he has not been issued a citation because he is still recovering from his serious injuries.

The driver that hit Patterson, Anthony Prainito, has been charged with three counts of a moving violation causing serious impairment.

A seatbelt violation for a passenger is a civil infraction with a maximum fine of $65.00 and (0) points on a driving record. 

Patterson issued the following statement regarding the civil infraction.

View: Patterson's seat belt citation

"Not wearing a seatbelt was a mistake," Patterson said. "I accept my responsibility and paid the $65 fine this afternoon.

Harry's Market sits at the intersection where the crash happened. Owner Steve Qarana says he heard the crash.

"I heard a big boom and thought my driver had dropped a couple of cases," Qarana said. "He hadn't and I went outside and say an accident."

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Qarana saw a lot of people helping Patterson, his driver and the passengers in the other car. He says he has met Patterson and he likes him a lot. Regardless, Qarana still is happy to hear Patterson had to pay the ticket.

"I'm glad because he is no different than you and me. He's a politician. You get a ticket you pay it," the market owner said.

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