Laid-off Inkster police officer seeks to keep his K-9 unit partner

Deal in works to have former Inkster officer keep dog

INKSTER, Mich. -

A former Inkster police officer who lost his job does not want to lose his K-9 unit partner.

Dan Schewe was laid off after more than 11 years in on the Inkster police force.

He has been working with his K-9 unit partner, Xander, for more than four years.

"At this point, he's a member of my family. He's one of my kids. He goes with me everywhere, I just don't know what I would do without him," Schewe said.

Schewe added that Xander is more than a friend. The dog is a trained crime fighter.

"He's trained to find narcotics. He's also trained to track individuals, whether it be lost children, elderly people or suspects," Schewe said.

Not only did Schewe help train Xander as a pup, he may also owe his life to his four-legged partner. Xander was with Schewe last year when he stopped a car carrying two suspect's waistband, He and I subsequently got into a shootout," Schewe said.

"The passenger came out of the car first, which directed my attention towards him and Xander immediately focused on the driver. If it would not have been for Xander focusing on the driver, I would never seen the gun that was in the driver's waistband. Subsequently the driver and I got into a gunfight," Schewe said.

The Inkster police department said Schewe would have to pay to keep Xander.

Inkster police chief Hilton Napoleon acknowledged the problem Schewe faces.

"I do feel bad about the situation, I wish we were in a position to just give him the dog but we just can't do it and hopefully we are going to work out an amicable agreement," Napoleon said.

Schewe said it would be heartbreaking to separate him and Xander.

"To take him away from me and my family and try to retrain him I think it is just going to destroy him and ultimately I think another handler would end up destroying him," Schewe.

Chief Napoleon contacted Schewe Thursday with a proposal.  Napoleon said Schewe could exchange his accumulated comp time hours for Xander, enabling Schewe to keep the dog.

Schewe agreed to the deal and is waiting for it to be finalized.

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