Lake Orion officer checking home with tall weeds finds unconscious woman, dead man and dog in house

Victims had no sign of trauma, police say

LAKE ORION, Mich. - A Lake Orion Police Department code enforcement officer visiting a house with long weeds and grass Tuesday found an unconscious woman and dead man and dog inside the home.

According to police, the officer knocked on the front door about 1 p.m. He noticed a large amount of mail in the mailbox, so he went to knock on the back door and investigate.

The officer saw what looked like a dead man on the landing near the door, but the front and back doors were both locked.

The officer and other authorities entered the home, where they found an unconscious 73-year-old woman on the floor near the front door. She was taken to a hospital, where she is in critical condition.

When they saw a dead dog on the kitchen floor, they feared carbon monoxide poisoning, so fire personnel checked the home with a meter.

After the meter showed no carbon monoxide, police found a dead 47-year-old man.

Police said the pair are a mother and son who both live in the home. There was no police history of  family trouble or disturbances at the home, and police said there weren't signs of violence or trauma to the people or dog and no damage in the house.

There were no toxic gases or fumes found in the home.

Police are waiting for autopsy and toxicology results from the man. They believe he was dead for about three days. The dog's body will be analyzed to determine how and when it died.

Authorities are also trying to learn more about the woman from medical reports. She is unable to speak to investigators.

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