Larry Nevers Speaks Candidly With Rescue 4

Former Detroit police Officer Larry Nevers, along with his partner Walter Budzyn, were convicted in the death of Malice Green 15 years ago, and Nevers spoke exclusively with Rescue 4's Kevin Dietz about the incident.

Green, a black resident, was beaten to death by two white police officers on the streets of Detroit. Green was hit in the head multiple times with a flashlight during a drug investigation.

Nevers was convicted of second-degree murder. Budzyn was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

In his own words, Nevers explained what he said really happened. He said he has shocking new revelations about the killing, about his bosses and his partner.

He explained why he thinks he did the right thing, plus, what he wishes they had that night that would prove it.

See the entire video here:

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