Late mom's Bible stolen in Redford Township

A precious heirloom was stolen from a Redford Townships woman's car when it was broken into over the holiday weekend. It wasn't usual money, electronics or jewelry; it was the Bible belonging to her late mother.

It was a crime of opportunity when LouCresha Fair brought groceries into her house and temporarily left her car door wide open.  When she returned, not only was the Bible gone, but so was one of the most cherished parts of her mother she had left.

"We talked every day, all day," Fair said. "We'd text, play the ‘Words with Friends' game – she was my best friend."

Many of her mother's memories were tucked inside a beautiful Bible case; including her fingerprints, notes, touch and sense of direction. Fair's brother had given it to her a few weeks ago, after their mother's recent death.  She wasn't ready to look through it yet, so she left the Bible in her car for when she gathered enough strength to open it.

"I think there's nothing more personable than your Bible," she said. "I wanted to be able to go through my mother's Bible and go through her walk on her journey with Jesus."

But now Fair won't get a chance to do this, and she learned other cars in the neighborhood were also targeted just minutes before hers.

"They probably thought it was a purse and something valuable, but then realized it was a Bible," said Fair's brother, John. "My thing is if you don't return it, maybe there's a passage in it that can help new your life."

LouCresha and John are begging for the return of their mother's Bible and want any piece of it they are able to get back.

"If I could have a paper or some of her notes she wrote from a sermon, I just want anything I can have of my mother's Bible," said Fair. "I will give a cash reward. Just bring it to my door and knock, no questions asked."

If anyone has any information regarding this family's missing Bible, please contact Local 4 Reporter, Paula Tutman at

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