Legislation in Senate will make it easier for Military stationed overseas to vote in Michigan

Mich. legislation hopes to streamline absentee ballots for Military

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LANSING, Mich. - Members of the Democratic minority in the state Senate have introduced legislation to make it easier for members of the armed forces stationed internationally to vote in Michigan elections.

The office of Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer says party lawmakers introduced bills Tuesday.

They'd let service members' absentee ballots be counted as long as they're postmarked by election day and let them submit absentee ballots electronically.

Whitmer says another bill in the package would permit statewide online voter registration.

State law now says absentee ballots from overseas service members must arrive by election day.

Whitmer says at least 70 local clerks sent out absentee ballots late for the Aug. 7 primary.

The Associated Press sent email requests for comment Tuesday to state Senate Republicans and Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson

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