Life-like coyotes keep geese at bay from golf greens

When sun goes up at St. Clair Shores Golf Club coyote decoys go out

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

ST CLAIR SHORES, Mich. - As the sun goes up over the St. Clair Shores Golf Club, the green gets manicured, the carts lined up in a row and the coyotes go out.

Four legs, a bushy tail, you can even move their ears.

"It makes a big difference you don't have to watch where you are walking now," said one golfer.

The 3D decoys are keeping golfers happy by keeping the geese up in the sky and off the green.

Sal Sulloli is the assistant superintendent and he says the course has done just about everything to keep the geese and their mess off the greens.

"You have to use a variety because the geese are smart animals actually and they'll get use to any technique you use," said Sulloli.

You can typically find the two decoys near ponds on the course and they are known to be a traffic stopper.

"They roll down their windows and take a real good close look, they stop traffic, that's not our intention," said Sulloli.

He says the geese problem has been cut in half since the decoys have been on the prowl. Each decoy cost about $130, but the golfers say you can't put a price on a clean course.

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