Lions Bandwagon Looks Like Fun Ride

Detroit's 2-0 Start Lives Up To Huge Hype

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DETROIT - The hype going into this Detroit Lions season was pretty much unbearable and most likely set up one huge feline trap for the boys in Honolulu Blue.

But after a 2-0 start and an undefeated preseason, doesn't the Lions bandwagon look like too much fun to miss?

Of course, that's a rhetorical question because you're probably reading this while dressed in your Matthew Stafford jersey and listening to Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust."

Sunday's obliteration of the Kansas City Chiefs was something Lions fans would expect to be on the other side of. The Chiefs' awful display of penalties was reminiscent of past Lions performances.

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Kansas City coughed up an embarrassing amount of yards to Detroit's offense. One of their star players went out with a debilitating injury that happened on a routine play. Their quarterback looked lost. Yeah, that's supposed to be the Lions' job.

Is this for real?

The Detroit Lions appear to be living up to all the hype and excitement that has lasted since last season's 4-0 finish. Consequently, the bandwagon, which critics expected to be running on flat tires by mid-season, is just picking up speed and riders.

Jump on or get out of the way.

The feeling that this will all come crumbling down when Detroit finishes the season at 6-10 is starting to dwindle. The Lions are playing like a 10-6, or better, team. No more speculation. This team has proven itself as a force. Six-straight wins in the NFL don't happen by accident.

Minnesota fans should be expecting a loss on Sunday.

The Lions bandwagon is rolling into town and it's not running on hype, speculation and fan support. It's running on talent, coaching, skill, speed, toughness, confidence and even modesty.

You know, all that stuff that makes a good team.

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