Lions, Tigers Could Upset America's Weekend

Lions Face 'America's Team,' Tigers Face Evil Yankees

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DETROIT - It was kind of like watching one of those Hollywood football movies.

Everyone played their roll and the Lions pretty much dominated the Vikings -- well, at least they made all the exciting plays for the camera -- but somehow the Vikings were still in it at the end of the game. The end had to be dramatic otherwise no one would want to go see that movie.

In reality, Lions fans would have loved to see a comedy instead -- like the Chiefs game. Yet, winning games like the one this past Sunday, on the road and close, just ups the status of this Lions team.

I can't see this team losing to the Cowboys. The Lions not only look better on paper, but they just look better. The jerseys look better, too. Dallas has that stupid star all over the place. We get it, you're from Texas.

It's fitting that the Tigers will be facing America's baseball evil empire while the Lions face "America's team," which stands for "everyone with a brain hates them." Yeah, it's true, a lot of people don't have a brain.

It should be a weekend of battling evil. A revolt. What's more American than that? Unfortunately, America as a country could probably associate better with the Yankees. But I will avoid getting too political in a little sports rant.

The city of Detroit has the opportunity to really upset a lot of sports fans across the nation this weekend. Man, I hope it happens. I'm not sure if I am more excited to see the Lions win or the Cowboys lose. Same goes for the Tigers and Yankees, because let's face it, the Yankees probably have just as many bandwagon fans as they do haters.

Be opportunistic.

Here is my own personal theme song for the weekend which I would like to share with you.

Pennywise -- "Come Out Fighting"

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